Grateful for the love

I was lucky enough to have Jamie cook three meals a day for me over a one week at Finca de Vida, Costa Rica. Never have I had food that made me feel as good as it tasted. All of the food Jamie prepared was healthy, delicious, thoughtful and beautiful to look at. I would follow Jamie anywhere for her fabulous food and her lovely personality.
— Debbie, Maryland

I realize that the way I felt...which was happy and full of joy is one of your amazing gifts to people. Jamie Wagener, you spread your love and light everywhere you go and everyone feels better in your presence.
— Bryan, Arizona

I had a wonderful experience with Jamie and her company, The Blissful Kitchen. I participated in the 5 day cleanse, and was expecting to feel hungry and a bit tortured as the days progressed. :) That’s not what happened, the food was excellent!! I’ve always been a fairly healthy eater, but Jamie turned me on to all kinds of new ways to prepare meals for my family and they love it. . Now I’m turning to spices and ways to add healthy crunch to my food like never before. Thank you Jamie!
— Shannon, Illinois

The benefits of the cleanse were immediate. Your insides will instantly appreciate the delectable and healthy food you are sending their way. However, the greatest benefit to me has been the connection that I have made with Jamie and the Blissful Kitchen. The recipes that you receive are delicious and easy to make which has allowed me to share the health benefits with my family.
— Michelle, Illinois

Jamie is my ideal type of teacher and cook. She is passionate about what she does, she is extremely well-read on health and nutrition and walks the walk. As inspiring and talented as she is however, she is still very approachable. Her support of us along with her creativity in the kitchen made me feel, I too, could be more healthy without sacrificing good taste and enjoyment of food. I highly recommend Jamie- anyone should be delighted to work with her, learn from her and others will benefit greatly from time with her in the kitchen!
— Lara, Washington

I started to see people add my product as an ingredient in a range of baking uses‎ and was looking for a way to help inspire unique new recipes. When I met Jamie, I knew she would be perfect for helping to develop new traditional recipes and she created a range of offerings such as gluten free bourbon cream brownies to an amazing twist on a classic cheesecake using coconut, Jamie nailed it.
— Dave, Brown Jug Spirits

Everything is wonderful and your passion truly shines :)! Thank you for bringing this lovely energy into our kitchen.
— Paulina, Pure Juice Cafe

Jamie’s creations are truly inspirational! I am wowed by the thoughtfulness and creativity that go into each one, not to mention they taste absolutely incredible! Love love love food from The Blissful Kitchen!
— Jen, Washington
Jamie Wagener creates delicious, beautiful, and nutrient-dense foods which are a pleasure to eat. She is professional and reliable; she is open and
responsive to feedback; she works in partnership with her clients, tailoring meals to their individual needs; and her prices are both reasonable and
competitive. Having raw food meals delivered to my home each week has saved me time and contributed to my ability to achieve my current health and wellness goals.
— Loolwa, Washington