Love your Body || Live your Life 5 week Online Course

Love your Body || Live your Life 5 week Online Course


NEXT CLASS BEGINS January 7, 2019!!!

Over 5 weeks you will receive all the tools and techniques I used to heal my relationship with my body, and finally feel at home in my skin to lead an inspired, purposeful life. The course will be divided in to 5 sessions per week and will include weekly live group coaching sessions, along with step-by-step guidance on how to implement the lesson for that week.

Topics we will cover:

  • Cravings

  • No Food Rules

  • Our Body Beliefs

  • Women’s Bodies and the Western World

  • Pleasure

  • Trust and Surrender

  • Emotional Eating

  • Prayer and Intuition

  • Mindfulness

  • Visualization and Manifestation

We will meet every Wednesday from 12n-1:15pm CST for a live group coaching call.  These calls will be online using Zoom, and will be recorded so you can replay at any time.  Although not mandatory, I highly recommend you clear space on your calendar to attend these calls live.  Something beautiful happens when a group of like-minded women come together, and I promise these group sessions will be powerful, and leave you inspired to feel your most amazing self.

This is an interactive course so in addition to our group coaching you will receive an e-mail every Monday with the course content for that week, and I recommend setting aside 15-60 minutes per day to practice these tools, techniques and exercises.

Your financial investment to participate in this course is $347 for the entire 5 week program, and you will have lifetime access to all recordings and content.  

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Is this Course for Me?

This course is for you if:¦

  • You are ready to finally feel good in your body.

  • More energy than you’d like goes toward thinking about food and exercise.

  • You find yourself not looking forward to events because of how you look, or feel in your body.

  • You are on a diet, attempting to be on a diet, or constantly looking for the one diet to save you.

  • You find most of your life, and thoughts, center around how you look, or wish you looked.

  • You are uncomfortable looking at yourself naked in the mirror.

  • You think that losing x amount of weight will make you happier.

  • You are you tired of obsessing over food.

  • You rarely feel satisfied after eating.

  • You find yourself overeating, restricting food or a combination of both.

  • You often compare your body to women in magazines, on the street, or even to the younger you.

  • You look in the mirror and you don’t like who, or what, you see.

  • You feel like you never know what to eat, are constantly thinking about how you look and wishing you could lose weight, change this, fix that, etc. etc.

  • You have strict diet rules, uncontrollable cravings or maybe you bounce between the two. 

How will I feel after taking this course?

This is the perfect way to embark on a brand new year. Over five weeks we are going to get you on the path to FINALLY loving yourself, and your body, once and for all. Together, we will walk hand-in-hand so that you step in to 2019: 

  • feeling a sense of deep appreciation for your body.

  • feeling more confident, and worthy of everything you desire, right now.

  • more in tune with your intuition and body’s innate wisdom.

  • knowing what to eat, and when, so that you feel lighter and more content with your body. 

  • obsessing less about your appearance.

  • reducing the tendency to compare yourself to others.

  • more grounded, less scattered and with a greater sense of peace.

  • with a sense of spaciousness and freedom in body, mind and spirit.

  • with a clear vision of your highest self, inside and out, so that you can create a more fulfilling, and joyful, life.

Why am I leading this course?

Here's the deal.  I didn't always love my body.  No, far far from it.  I was never enough.  Does that ring a bell?  What I finally realized was that my relationship with my body, and with food, was literally keeping me from experiencing the gift of the present moment.  I can look back on my life and tell you all the amazing places I visited in my 20's, the (sometimes) wonderful men I dated and the once-in-a-life time adventures I went on, but the unfortunate reality is I wasn't there to truly experience any of it.  I wasn't 'there' because I was always so in my head about how I looked (or didn't look for that matter) that I was never truly able to enjoy the moment I was in.  In turn,  I often felt depressed and like something was always missing.  Today though is a very different story.  Now I eat to live, never restrict, don’t consider myself a follower of any one diet, hardly spend energy thinking about food and absolutely love and honor my beautiful body.  Yes, I really mean all of this.  It took me nearly 6 years to unravel a lifetime of body hatred and food obsession, and I realized that I have to share how I healed. So many women struggle with their bodies like I did, and what I learned, is that when we feel bad about ourselves and spend so much countless energy wishing our bodies were different, we dim our light, are unable to fully enjoy life and share less of ourselves - and our gifts - with the world.  I created this course so I can guide as many women possible to a place where they truly love themselves and feel free in their bodies.