feel amazing from the inside out.

Tired of dieting and never knowing what to eat? 

Want to feel - and look - your best self, yet?  

If you answered a resounding yes! then this coaching program is for you. 

What it is

The intention with this program is for you to experience freedom, clarity and peace in your body, mind and spirit.

You will be guided to heal from the inside out by adopting a healthier, more fulfilling diet and lifestyle. Over three months you will learn simple, yet profound ways to achieve sustainable weight loss, and experience a balanced and loving relationship with yourself and food.

Some sample topics covered:

  • holistic nutrition

  • understanding food labels

  • mindfulness practices

  • meditation

  • energy medicine

  • journaling

  • meal planning

  • option to add on weekly meals

  • cooking lessons

  • whole-food based recipes


Are you overwhelmed with all the diet lingo out there?   Did you receive a health diagnosis and unsure where to turn? Want to feel amazing and embody a healthy lifestyle, and diet, but not sure where to start?  This program is for you. As your mentor, I share all that I learned so you too can embrace a healthy lifestyle without diet dogma's, deprivation, and boring tasteless food.


We meet for 60 minutes weekly, or bi-weekly at your home or online via Zoom video. Each session starts with a grounding exercise, or meditation and ends with specific tasks to keep you on track between sessions. The program runs for a minimum of 12 weeks.

Curious? Click the button below for a free 20 minute clarity call and learn if this program is for you!