Wherever you go, there you are.

I just got back from sailing the British Virgin Islands.  It was quite the adventure.  Travel to me is always such an incredible experience - not only do you see new places, explore new cultures but it's a time that I find very introspective.  When I'm at home it's so easy to distract myself by cleaning, running errands and creating endless to-do lists, but when I'm traveling all this goes away and I'm left with just me looking in the mirror.  With this latest trip it really hit home that happiness needs to be found from within.  So many times I have found my mood affected by outside sources  - people, circumstances and events that didn't live up to my expectations.  I've begun to realize expectations only set you up to be disappointed and I recognize that part of the beauty of life is living in the moment without any expectations.  I often read how people (including myself!!!) will try to change their location, their friends, their lovers, their work, etc. in an effort to find happiness, but as it is so often explained and I wholeheartedly believe - true happiness can only be found from within us – there is no external escape.  This trip opened my eyes to the belief that there is an intricate order to this world and I'm learning to trust in the universe and, as it is often said, "Let go and Let God.".  I truly believe we all have the power to get what we want out of life – we just have to listen.  Listen to our hearts, listen to others, listen to the universe –the answers are out there, we just need to listen. 

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