What do you want to create in 2012? It's not too late to set your intentions for the new year!

So 16 of 366 (thank you leap year for that extra one) days is almost up and...I still have yet to set my intentions (aka goals) for twenty-twelve.  Why?  hmmm great question - fear, uncertainty, confusion...the list could go on and on.  I know and truly believe that we create our lives through thoughts, words and actions so writing down your goals should be a no-brainer, but I always get overwhelmed in the act of actually writing them down!

Well I came across the best guide today for creating and writing down goals - it is so simple (only two pages) and so I wanted to share it because it got me to finally write down mine!  Enjoy & kudos to you for taking on your life...go create what you want in 2012!

7 Easy steps for Goal Setting (You will have to click this link again on the next page and then the pdf will pop up)

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