The eternal quest for Happiness

This is one of my favorite paradoxes of happiness: we seek to control our lives, but the unfamiliar and the unexpected are important sources of happiness.

~Gretchen Rubin, the happiness project

I just read this line from Rubin's book this morning and it really jumped off the page at me. I've heard many times, and do believe, we hold the key to our own individual happiness. Why then, I wonder, are so many people unhappy? Why do so many people stay in jobs they hate, relationships that no longer serve them and places they don't enjoy? Is it human nature to stick to whats comfortable? My mom and I were recently talking about change and how many people dislike it, but I somehow have always loved it. I never knew really why I seek out changes, I always thought it was my way of running from something (my life?) but this quote got me thinking that maybe change for me is really a source of excitement and uncertainty which coincidentally makes me happy. I know it's also been said that seeking happiness is counterintuitive to being happy, but I think it's really this idea of possibility and adventure into the unknown that yields a happy life. What a fascinating topic: happiness. What is it, how do we get it and why are we ultimately all seeking it yet it is so often hard to attain? As I'm working on what I want to accomplish in 2013 this quote has reminded me how much I want to (and as I promise to myself -WILL!) enjoy the year learning, traveling and embracing the unexpected...ballet, singing and guitar lessons are already on the agenda, what are you going to create new in your life this coming year?

As a wise friend recently said to me- I hope the lobster of happiness clamps onto your toe!

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