Story of my Life

I am so loving Marie Forleo right now, self-proclaimed multi-passionate entrepreneur and epic video blogger- thank you Tessa Graham Chittle of Revolutionary Living Institute for 'introducing' me to her! I didn't know there was such a term, but if I ever fit into a box, this would be it: multi-passionate entrepreneur. Yes ma'am; that's me.

Marie's super-enlightening (+ entertaining) mini-video below touches on a concept that, as much as I continually try to defy, seems to consistently prove me wrong.  This idea of focusing on ONE thing as a means to success has me majorly hot and bothered.

See this isn't the first time this topic is coming up in my life, and let's face it - it won't be the last.   That's the universe for us; when we don't answer to the taps, it'll try knocking and eventually, if we ignore it long enough, it will start banging down the door until we succumb to the lesson it's trying to teach us.  And it's not that I don't buy this concept; the fact is - I do, but what gets me all flustered is the fact that I do have so many passions and ideas that I just can't bear the thought of narrowing it down to one.  Yet the reality is, I often times get so scattered in my focus that I end up focusing on none.

And so as life would have it, the book I happen to be reading right now is sitting on the desk next to me just pleased as can be that this video happened across my computer screen today.  The book is, 'The One Thing' by Gary Keller, and you guessed it - Gary emphasizes how the key to any successful business is focusing on ONE thing at a time.  Not 2, not 3 and certainly not 4, 5 or get the drift.  And this idea isn't new to me - I mean I can't tell you how many times it seems my Dad has so often said to me, 'Jamie you just need to pick something and stick with it. You can get any job you want, but you've gotta stick with it.'  And it was just a few weeks ago that my friend and neighbor recently said to me, 'Jamie I've known you long enough now to see that you are passionate about many things and it's not that you can't do all those things - you can, but you can't do it all right now.'

Ahh yes I so hear what Marie, Gary, my Dad and my friend are saying and  totally agree that in order to be successful we need to focus on one thing at a time, but sometimes it's just so darn hard for me to sit still and pinpoint which ONE thing to focus my energies on.  I mean I'm the girl that has 15 different web windows open (ok nine) and five different E-mails going at any given time.  In my head it's...but if I focus on that then what about this...and then in the meantime neither this or that are getting anywhere close to accomplished!  Well watching Marie's video below gave me some hope, as does 'The One Thing' - yes, I need to focus on one particular passion but the key is - at a time.  Both Marie and Gary explain how cultivating and succeeding at one thing leads to your next one thing and so on and so on.  If you struggle with focusing on one passion, business or life idea like me, then I highly recommend spending 5 minutes watching Marie's video below and see for yourself why this multi-passionate entrepreneur is rocking it with a million-dollar biz; this chica, I think, has got it figured out!


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