Right now is a good time.

So I have some exciting news...I'm moving to Seattle!!!!
As many people know I've been pretty passionate about holistic health, natural medicine and nutrition these past few years, but (admittedly so) have been uncertain about where or how that fits in to my life.  After two years of sitting on the fence I am finally setting fear and uncertainty aside and officially starting naturopathic medical school this fall at Bastyr University!

Although I've taken a few detours along the way I truly believe that this is what I'm supposed to be doing right here, right now.  I read somewhere that the journey of life is not about being right or pretending to know it all.  That the journey of life is about learning and growing every step of the way and instead of holding yourself back, make life an adventure.   Well I am a big believer in this idea that life is a journey and am certain (and thankful) everything and everyone that has come in to my life to date has brought me to where I am right now.  But the reality is, it is up to each of us as individuals to act on the opportunities (albeit sometimes in disguise) that come our way and create the life we are hoping for.  Because let's face it, life just keeps moving right along and next thing we know a year, two years, five years, twenty years (ok you get the point) have somehow passed! To some, my life may not be conventional; to others, I may seem to bounce around but...in the end, I've realized the only thing that truly matters is listening to my heart, forgoing fear and carving my own path.

So why naturopathic medicine?

Well...quite frankly I am incredibly alarmed by the state of the health in our country and believe there is something we can do about it.  With recent reports estimating today’s children have a shorter life expectancy than their parents and, according to the CDC, diseases once considered ‘Adult-onset’ like Type 2 diabetes and heart disease now becoming prevalent in adolescents, I believe we are in a major health crisis.  Not too mention nearly 40% of the population is overweight and the CDC predicts that by 2020 32-million people will be obese!  That means close to half of our country will be 100 pounds or more overweight.*  I don't know how we will be able to function as a society if nearly half of us are seriously sick.  I believe we want a change and that people are sick and tired of, ok - being sick and tired.  One of the main principles of  naturopathic medicine is to identify and treat the deeper cause of the illness instead of just treating the symptoms as is often the case in our healthcare system today.  For any of you unfamiliar with naturopathic medicine here's a great synopsisof our field, but basically the belief is that our bodies harness an incredible power to heal itself.

I'm incredibly excited about what lies ahead and am eager to pass along all I learn to others so over the next four years please keep checking my blog for all sorts of information on proactive disease prevention, natural healthcare, healthy lifestyle and nutrition choices, etc!

*For more stats check out these websites: http://www.cdc.gov/obesity/data/adult.html and http://www.cofha.net/education-and-research

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