'Pura vida' in Costa Rica!

Well just arrived in costa rica yesterday with my friend Gina and somehow we managed to get on two planes, cross a time zone (and back), manuever the wild streets of San Jose, sip cafeat a public market, enjoy an Imperial cerveza with a local Tico, have a fabulous, albeit romantic!, Italian meal topped off with delicious limoncello and a picture perfect tropical thunderstorm.....all within 20 hours!!! Wooooohoooo the craziness of the first day of traveling- always adventuresome, never the expected and part of the whole experience!

This morning the sun is out and we're waiting for the bus to pick us up for the 4-hr trek to costa rica's Caribbean coast - home of some good reggae- yeah!!!!! I'll post details about that coast later but in the meantime....pura vida!! Xoxo

Dinner at Limoncello near San Pedro on avenida 1 in San Jose - delicious!!!! They even have extensive gluten free menu and homemade gluten free bread- so yum I swear! And I didn't even go searching for it :-)






Trip to mercado central in downtown San Jose...




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