Not your usual tuna salad (hold the mayo please!) with beans, cucumber and herbed carrot dressing

I prepared some tepary beans (super high protein and tasty beans native to Arizona that I'd picked up at the farmers market) and wanted to make a yummy salad with them instead of the usual bean stew or chili.... Oh did I find a fun, unique and incredibly tasty recipe!!! It calls for tuna which I wasn't originally going to include but I happened to have a can in the pantry so did add about 1/2 a can but you could easily make this vegan but omitting the tuna. And of course I swapped white beans with my tepary beans but it just shows you can take any recipe and create your own tasty meal with whatever's at home. My favorite part was the homemade carrot dressing - I threw in a couple raw macademia nuts which got it nice and thick so I started dipping celery in it like a dip -yum yum yum yum!! Also I used fresh cilantro and sage as my herbs of choice, but as the recipe suggests play around with whatever herbs you'd like! Oh and I did not add olive oil to the dressing so besides the small handful of macademia nuts this recipe contains no added fats and is packed with an assortment of fresh veggies and healthy protein - Happy Eating :-)

Lucullian delights - an Italian experience: WHITE BEAN, TUNA AND CUCUMBER SALAD WITH HERBY CARROT SALSA.

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