Downtown Seattle's Central Library

So in an effort to save money and seriously focus on finishing this darn biochem course in time for school to start I've forced myself to accept the library as my new study stomping grounds - no more Echo.  no more coffee and no more gluten-free, vegan, you-name-it tasty little morsels to distract me from the task at's time to put my face in the books. To make it somewhat exciting I've managed to visit three of Seattle's public libraries this week and I must say I was surprised!  They weren't the dark, old and energy-zapping libraries of my childhood - these are nice!!  And bright, and green and full of unique architecture!  Here are some photos of the newly and crazy-cool renovated downtown Central Library in Seattle.  I'll post more at some point of the other branches on my library  extravaganza but in the meantime enjoy :)

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