It's a new year...Where did the time go?


Wow.  It never ceases to amaze me how time flies.  But I guess that's why they say "time flies when you're having fun.'??!  This time of year, as we embark on the dawning of a new year, talk usually turns to resolutions, goals and changes we want to make for the year ahead, but also reflection on the year coming to an end.   I too reflect on what was, what wasn't and what I intend for the future, but man - What a year 2011 was!  I'm not sure if this is good or bad, but the year was nothing like I would have expected.  I didn't start naturopathic medical school as I planned, instead I ended up back in real estate on a very successful short sale team and then on my search for deeper meaning (aren't we all always searching...or maybe that's just me!) left that position.  I ran into someone I never expected to see again.  I loved, I cried and loved again.  I traveled to Dominican Republic, Napa, Chicago, Utah, Texas, San Fran, Seattle, Portland and Boulder. I spent an amazing two weeks with my brother and sister navigating the Ireland coast and hectic streets of Madrid.   I sailed the breathtaking British Virgin Islands, learned how to Kiteboard in Texas and finished the year by driving one of my best friends across the country back home to Ohio.  And through all this I still had moments of sadness and uncertainty - wondering the age-old question: "why am i here?".  When I reflect on this and the last 365 days I realize through all the missteps, opportunities and doors opening and closing I was doing exactly as I should: living with one day unfolding into the next, but maybe more importantly I was loving, because really what is life without the people in it?  To me life is truly about who you love, who you allow to love you, who you help because isn't life is about making a difference in someone's (even if it's just one persons) life?  We truly never know what tomorrow will bring or if sadly, tomorrow will ever come.  This picture I saw several months ago and honestly couldn't sum it up any better - if you want a life mantra - this would be such a wonderful one to have!  Read it and think about it...what's your passion?

May you embrace the unknown, be in awe of your amazing life and have much love, adventure & happiness in 2012!

BlogJamie Wagener