i'm hatin' it

wow. I just watched (partially) another incredibly disturbing video on our food industry.  This video shows the horrific conditions and treatment of hens at a McDonald's egg supplier.  Most of my family & friends would consider me 'vegan', but I haven't truly been 100% vegan for over a year.  They know I love my habitual scones (loaded with cream, butter and eggs I'm sure of), eat fish and occasionally have cravings for a bite of red meat.  That's the honest truth.  I try to listen to my body and although I eat pretty darn healthy, I have my many moments of weakness.  This video again reminds me why I originally adopted a vegan (NO ANIMAL ANYTHING!) diet - to be kinder to myself, animals and the world in general.  This video is hard, very hard to watch - honestly I didn't get through the whole thing - I'm still trying as I know sometimes ignorance is bliss, but the ignorance has to stop.  As a nation we are getting fatter, more unhealthy and disease-ridden by the second - please watch this video or atleast attempt to and then sign the petition to stop animal cruelty at these McDonald's chicken facilities. [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r6E8H3C1CrU?hd=1]