How to create more **ABUNDANCE** in your life

Good morning! I'm studying at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition right now and we had an awesome class yesterday on creating a life full of **abundance** - who doesn't want more abundance right!!??

The (incredible) instructor, Kathleen Graham, said one thing in particular that she heard at a Tony Robbins seminar that really (really) stuck out for me:

The amount of uncertainty that you can tolerate in your life is directly proportional to the quality of your life and the amount of passion you'll receive.

Wait!?  So that means...the more uncertain i am, the more passion i'll receive in my life?  YES!!!!  This was like a godsend to my ears - Kathleen went on to say "things don't always have to go exactly according to your plan."  (if I had music playing in my mind, it surely came to a screeching halt here)...see I have a plan for everything - plan for my day, my meals, my love life, my career - I think I know exactly how everything is supposed to turn out.  Kathleen's simple words suddenly got me to see that uncertainty is good and that maybe I need to let go of that kung-fu grip I've had on my life all this time trying to control its every moment, misstep and development.  Instead maybe I need to embrace the unknown and be open to change because it's through this change that your life continues to evolve, new doors open, new people walk in (or out) and the life you are meant to live is able to unfold.  But of course often times, easier said than done. are some pointers I took away from Kathleen's awesome class on generating that abundant attitute.

Four tips that can help you create a more abundant outlook on life:

  1. Become aware - focus on what's working in your life.  Should fears (and its similar emotional counterparts) come up - just accept and acknowledge those emotions and then learn to let them go.  To help with letting go take a piece of paper and on the left side write all the things that are not serving you today - could be people, thoughts, emotions, situations, etc.  Then on the right side right what you want to replace those things/people/career/ideas/thoughts, etc. with.  Rip the page in half, separating the list on the left from the list on the right and then (in a safe place!) light the left side with all the things not serving you on fire and watch it all burn away.  I've done this before and trust me there is something very therapeutic with actually seeing all your negative thoughts, etc. disintegrate into thin air!
  2. Take care of yourself - what do you like to do?  Whether it's reading, dancing, biking, hiking, walking, taking a bath - just commit to doing it fifteen minutes a day.  In today's crazy world, it can be really hard to find time to yourself - be good to you and make the time.
  3. Find a spiritual practice - whether you have a church you attend, meditate, practice yoga, write in your journal just trust in something bigger than you.
  4. Trust more - believe, truly believe, that everything is unfolding just as it should.  This is the big one - trust in the Universe!  Trust in the big picture and that you are being taken care - the universe will bring you the right people & right experiences necessary to help you grow as a person and live the life you were meant to in the beginning.

As you embark on your day try and be thankful for all the blessings you have. Don't resist the universe, just continue to be open and ready to live in a continuous life of abundance - because if you truly are open the universe will take care of you and the abundance will flow!

In love & light, Jamie :)

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