Hazelnut Tarte with Coconut Cream and Rhubarb-Pear Compote

  I am so beyond giddy about this recipe; I just had to give it a fancy title :)  For so many reasons!  First, because I created it on a whim Sunday after seeing hazelnut flour at the Farmer's Market and second, because my beautiful friend (and now wonderful roomate), Kellie, is an incredible photographer and I finally feel like I have photos worthy of a food blog!!!  Woohoo!!!  Thank you Kellie - I am so looking forward to sharing a whole new look and blog with all of you over the coming months!  And of course let's not forget the most important reason why I'm smiling from ear to ear over this recipe - it's so crazy good and I want you to try it!

Although this was my first go-around with the recipe and there are a few things I'd love to still play around with (like maybe adding a little lemon to the compote or a tad less salt in the crust for instance...), it was still absolutely delicious and loved by everyone (including Kellie's 3-year old son, Hugo :)) so I figured it was definitely blog worthy.  But honestly that's what I love about being in the kitchen - there's no end to all the inventive possibilites you can create with food.  Anyone can get into the kitchen and have fun trying new recipes - you just can't be surprised or disappointed when it doesn't work out because it's an inevitable part of the experience and really just makes the recipes that do pan out all the more sweeter :)  In some ways this one little tarte reminded me of my adoration of wholesome food and pure delight every time someone's face lights up over sharing something delicious with them.  This dish is definitely perfect to bring to any get-together and people will be amazed that it is made with only whole, natural ingredients and is completly vegan, gluten-free and 'paleo'; I promise it will satisfy all palettes!

This recipe is gluten, dairy, yeast, egg and flour-free and has no refined oils or sugars - just coconut!  With the buttery richness of the hazelnut crust paired with the creamy luscious of coconut and the sweet-tart pop of fruit - it is truly a decadent melody of flavors! You could could easily swap out the rhubarb and pear for any seasonal fruit of your liking and I used a pie pan and cut it into slices but I think this would make a beautiful tarte or even perfect little bars for a baby or wedding shower.  If you do try out any variations, please do let me know  - I love new ideas!!!  Here's to sugar and spice and everything nice....

Close-up Hazelnut Tarte

Hazelnut Tarte with Coconut Cream and Rhubarb-Pear Compote



1 2/3 c. hazelnut flour 1/3 c. almond flour 2 T. coconut flour ½ c. coconut sugar 1t. xanthum gum 1t. arrowroot ½ t. celctic sea salt (I used ¾ and seemed too salty) ½ c. coconut oil (hardened)

Coconut Cream

½ can full fat coconut milk ½ banana 2 T. maple syrup 1/2 - 3/4 c. raw cashews 2t. tapioca flour 1t. vanilla extract 1T. coconut oil 1/2t. almond extract


2 medium to large rhubarb stalks ½ pear ½ c. coconut sugar 1t. vanilla 1t. molasses ½ c. quick cooking oats


 Preheat oven to 350

  • Prepare Compote:

Rinse fruit and cut into ½ inch pieces.  In a saucepan mix the rhubarb, sugar and vanilla on medium low heat covered for 15-20 minutes until mixture is a bit watery.  Make sure you start the temperature low enough so the rhubarb slowly cooks releasing its liquid without burning.  Remove lid, add the pear and increase heat to medium, cooking an additional 15 minutes.  The last five minutes add in the oats and the molasses.  Remove from heat and let cool 15-30minutes.

  • While the compote is simmering, prepare the crust: :

Mix all ingredients except coconut oil until well-combined.  (I blended in my vitamix, but you could use a hand mixer too).  Add coconut oil in by hand until well combined. Press crust into tart, pie or baking pan and bake for 15-18minutes just until crust begins to brown.  Remove from oven, let cool 3 minutes and then put in refrigerator to cool for 30-60minutes.

  • While the crust is cooling, prepare the coconut cream:

Mix all coconut cream ingredients in a blender until mixture is the consistency of yogurt.  If mix seems a bit too runny then add more cashews and blend until creamy.  Place in freezer until crust and compote have cooled.

  • Prepare tarte by pouring the coconut cream on the crust then top with compote and sprinkle with cinnamon and nutmeg as desired.
  • Cover and refrigerate for 4 hours.

 So pretty...so tempting...Kellie's camera 035

and just like that...down to crumbs...

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