Happy Valentine's Day!!

Okay yes it's incredibly commercialized and yes most restaurants serve annoying prix fixe menus...but who am i kidding - I still (secretly) hope for flowers, a card or some token of unexpected affection afterall who doesn't want to be loved?  Isn't that really what life is about? In all seriousness this hallmark holiday is of course about love.  And what a wonderful, wonderful thing love is.  I'm a sucker for love.  I even have a quote taped (yes, taped) to my laptop keyboard that says: "As you give love out, it's received and reciprocated - and it grows.  That's the beauty of it.  Love is an energy.  You can feed it to people, and they in turn feed it to others, and eventually it comes back."

Because to me what is life if you don't love and allow yourself to be loved?  I was down at the Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center last week and Dr. Cousens lead a little meditation/sermon on love and it was great.  He said something that has really been resonating with me lately - love needs to come from within because in the words of Spiritual Junkie Gabrielle Bernstein "When your source of happiness is another human being, you're totally screwed."

HAHA - so true!  So on this day focused on love, I challenge you to look in the mirror and love the person you spend every second of every amazing day with - the fabulous, beautiful authentic you!

Happy, Happy sweet and loving Valentine's Day - love to you all...xoxo, Jamie

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