Days 11 + 12: Body Love Yoga Challenge {Body Thanks}

Last night I made a commitment. A commitment to give gratitude to my body every day.

You would think that since this yoga challenge is prefaced with 'Body Love' that I would have been focusing a bit more on that little {big} piece.

The truth is I'm terrified about it.

As much as I want to say I love my body, honor my body, totally embrace and trust it.

Well.  Then I'd be lying.

The real truth is I have been at war in my body my entire life.

Since I can remember I wanted it to look different, I wanted to be different.  And so I spent the last 15+ years trying to will it to change and undoubtedly using food to try and control it.

I have come to believe that eating disorders, disordered eating and body hatred are not about the food or about the body.  Instead I really believe it is simply a symptom for some that our souls are out of alignment with our higher purpose.

Imagine the times in your life when you felt totally in vibration with the world around you, when everything just seemed to flow.  Did thoughts really arise around food, your body and your eating habits?  Or did your eating habits just become second nature and take a backseat to more important things at task – like living your most authentic life?

Yeah me too.

And you know what?  Those times in my life where I did feel completely in vibration with my surroundings, my situation, my experiences – I ate whatever I wanted.  I ate scones – oh did I eat scones! – I ate grains and I ate sugar and I believe I even ate bacon.  Yup at one point, lots of crispy bacon.  And guess what?  I didn’t gain an ounce.  In fact I didn’t even think twice about my food choices.  I just ate when I ate because I was either a) hungry or b) really wanted a bite of what was in front of me.

See I really don’t think it’s our weight or our bodies that dictate our emotions.  I really believe it is the disconnect felt somewhere else in our life circumstances that cause the disordered eating and body hatred. Perhaps it is not accepting a piece of ourself or not fulfilling the gift we’ve been given to serve.

I know I have been given a blessing in the form of my body and health struggles this past year {of which I do plan to share more of in another post once my current vulnerability hangover subsides}.  For now, in the words of my Aunt Sue:

'I embrace the joy of having a physical body'

and so each day I am going to take a minute or two and write a little love note to my body telling her what I am thankful for that day.  I am curious if you have a little love note you'd like to share below on What you can thank your body for today?

So much love, light + sweet gratitude to each of you...

xxoo, Jamie