Day 9 of 31: Body Love Yoga Challenge {Body Lovin'}

Image Loving up on our bodies is sooooo important not just during our Body Love Yoga Challenge, but truly every day.

These sweet bodies we are in carry us through each moment of our life - the good, the bad, the horrific, the ecstatic.  You get the drift.

So if you want to show your body some love and start appreciating it just a bit more here are 5 {AMAZING} Body Love Rituals - My personal favs - enjoy!

1. Dry Brushing.  Not only does this feel slightly painfully incredible, it is known to tighten skin, reduce cellulite and improve circulation which helps our bodies flush out toxins thru our lymphatic system.  I do my dry brushing right before I hop in shower and it feels incredible.  I start at my feet and work my way up to my belly and then move to my hands and work my way up my arms and to my chest down to my belly - so both times ending - you guessed it, at my belly :)  See video here for specific instructions {No, it is not me in my undies giving a tutorial ;)}

2. Bath Time.  Epsom salt with lavender and myrrh to relax and comfort my nerves. Use any essential oil combo you like and throw the epsom salt in to help draw toxins out of your body. I swear by super hot epsom salt baths when I'm sick or just starting to feel sick. Sit in tub for ten minutes and literally watch the sweat pour out of you {I haven't been sick all year :)}

3. Stretching.  I love to start my morning after journaling with simple stretches from lying on the floor and stretching my body out like laffy taffy to lying on my back and gently pulling one knee up into my chest with the other knee outstretched on the floor with foot flexed  - this move helps to stimulate your ascending and descending colon which helps get things moving first thing in the morning.   :)

4. Lather Me Up.  Who said Coconut oil was just for cooking?  Trust me it does wonders for so much more.  Buy a jar and keep it in your bathroom and use it to moisturize after showering.  Massage the oil into your still-damp skin and then lightly pat dry.  I usually allow the oil to soak in for 15-30 minutes while getting ready before getting dressed.

5. Massage.  Find a great massage therapist or body worker and see them regularly!  If you live in Seattle, check out BodyTalk with Susan or Glen Raven Healing Arts  - both incredible body healers that I see regularly :)

Time to give my body some love and much needed zzz's.

I would love to know - what is your favorite body love ritual??

So much love, Jamie