Day 8 of 31: Body Love Yoga Challenge {Making Space}

So I just finished my first ever Yoga Nidra session.  At home on the comfort of my living room floor.  It was definitely a far cry from my sweaty yoga mat in Power Yoga yesterday, (or the day before; or the day before that) but boy was it just what I needed. Taking 45 minutes to be still and focus entirely on my body and mind in the present moment was no easy task.  At first I was thinking about what else I could/should really be doing - emailing a client back, calling a friend, even writing this blog - but quicker than I thought I fell into my breath and simply made space for this meditative yoga practice.

How often do you make space in your life?

I think many of us want more of something in our life - whether it be new love, new job, more money, more time, less struggles and yet do we take the time to actually open up the space for these to come in?

An incredible women, mentor and friend, Katie Gordon wrote on her blog today about the importance of 'Keeping the Channel Open' or, in other words - in my words - saying yes to what we really want in our life and saying no to what we really don't.  For doesn't it make sense that when we say no to one thing we are really saying yes to something else and giving that something permission to finally enter our life?

So often I find myself muddling life with busyness whether it be thru useless to-do lists; endless facebook creeping or mindless chores simply because it is the path of least resistance - it is what I know and what is comfortable.  Writing this blog, creating a new program, filming my tv show or launching my tBK business is what I really want to do and yet something continues to keep me from doing it.  Well I think that little something is called fear.  Fear of the unknown, fear of failure, fear of not being good enough.  In my yoga practice tonight and from the gifted musings of my friend Katie I realized this and was reminded of how the simple act of just being still long will make space for what I really want to manifest into my life.

If we don't allow the space for something or someone new to come in to our life, well then how are they going to enter?  I am curious what you want to make space for in your life?

P.S. To check out Yoga Nidra and experience it for yourself, click here. :)

Time for this space-making chica to get some much needed shut eye.

Love to you each and I am so grateful and honored for all of your feedback and sharing of your experiences during this journey together.

Namaste! Jamie