Day 7 of 31: Body Love Yoga Challenge {Slowing it Down}

So. Do ever have an intention or a plan for things {life} to go a certain way and then - well - life kinda gets in the way and your plan goes majorly awry?

That's kind of how I feel about this yoga challenge.

I got the idea for 31 days of straight yoga because I wanted to instill love into my being, I wanted to slow down and embrace my beautiful body. And so 7 days have passed and my body has something to say - it is telling me to slow down, don't go so fast.  After 7 days I realize it doesn't really matter if I squeeze the hour of yoga in if I don't take the 60 minutes to fully become present and in reverence of my body.


So much of my life as of late feels so scattered, like I'm running from one appointment, one errand, one responsibility, one task {you get the drift} to another and I'm tired.

So. Very. Tired.

And so in week 2 I am committing slowing it down. I mean really slowing it down and truly finding my feet.  This week is about filling up the Jamie reserve tank: taking baths, walks around Greenlake and making {and eating} home-cooked food.  In addition to my yoga of course ;)  See my Slowing It Down yoga schedule below and let me know if you want to join!

I'd love to know how you find ways to slow down in your life and if you feel like your life has become a constant juggling act like mine??

Share below!!!!

So much love + light {and quiet strength}, Jamie


Week Two Schedule

Saturday, Yoga Nidra (courtesy of my friend Shari) at home sweet home

Sunday, 9:15am Moderate Flow at Phinney Ridge Yoga

Monday, 9:00pm Restorative Yoga at I Love Hot Yoga in Greenwood

Tuesday, 12nPrana Vinyasa Level 1/2 at Sutra Yoga

Wednesday, 4:30pm yoga at casa de mi amiga Kellie

Thursday, 12n Power Vinyasa at Haute Yoga in Queen Anne

Friday, Yoga Nidra at Home