Day 6 of 31: Body Love Yoga Challenge {Looking Within}

[vimeo 82916272 w=500 h=281] I always thought of yoga as a practice that teaches how to look within and yet, when I signed myself up for this challenge, I had NO idea how incredibly dificult that was actually going to be.

Looking within when I don't really like what I'm seeing is a fairly sucky task to take on and yet...I'm doing it. I had visions of this yoga challenge being amazing and daydreams of me feeling like a million bucks, but so's been anything but.

Yet I really do trust - and believe - that my experience so far is exactly how it is supposed to be for me.  I am wondering how your experience is going so far?

I am including a film trailer that my friend Alder Sherwood stars in that speaks to just this - finding the hero within. Rising from the darkness to create the life each of us - not just you, not just me, but each of - has the right to have.  Who is the wild and crazy superhero within you just waiting to break free??

I so love the premise of this movie; watch this short trailer and visit their kickstarter campaign if you would like to support the production of this inspiring film!

6am yoga is already calling me....

So much love xxoo Jamie