Day 5 of 31: Body Love Yoga Challenge {Powerful Beyond Measure}

Amen sister.

I absolutely {LOVE} this quote.  The talk came up tonight with some women who are taking risks, getting out of their comfort zone and owning not only the greatness, but that which freaks the heck out of them too.

Sometimes it's easy to get bogged down in the s**t; to commiserate on the woos of life, to have a pity party.  Do you ever feel this is more accepting than shouting from the rooftops when you are happy beyond belief, can't believe how great life is treating you and how one good thing after another keeps happening?  Yeah me too.  Sometimes I find myself soooo excited about something only to share it with someone and allow their response to rain on my 'i am so great' parade.

I do believe many of us are terrified of our own greatness and are scared of seeming narcissistic or self-centered.  Well I am here today to say I don't think there are enough GREAT people out there thinking they are GREAT.  I don't know about you, but often times I find myself instead being my own worst enemy; thinking and feeling that I'm not {good, pretty, smart, dynamic, unique, sexy, happy, considerate} enough.

What slice of greatness do you want to finally own up to?   Is there somewhere in your life that you could step up and own your power a bit more?  Is there somewhere in your life that you know you haven't truly stepped up to the plate and given it your all for fear of rejection, failure, ridicule?

I find this quote and topic absolutely fascinating and would love your take on it too :)

It has been a long day and wish I could give this post more time, but I am tired and my eyes are shutting.

Until tomorrow....nighty night, Jamie