Day 2 of 31: Body Love Yoga Challenge {Freedom}

Image So as I'm writing this my city is going wild for victory - the Seattle Seahawks won the Super Bowl - woohoo!

And yet I am trying to decompress, calm my frazzled mind and not chuck my phone {and computer} at the wall.

Don't get me wrong today was an amazing day.

Started with Yoga {of course} at 8am with friends Kellie and Jen at I Love Hot Yoga in Greenlake and....I got my booty kicked.  It was great and I'm already sore {i love the feeling of knowing I moved myself in new ways outside of my current comfort zone}.  And then I whipped up some gluten-free, vegan, paleo cookies on a whim using BLACK-EYED PEAS. {Whaaaat??} Yup. Black-eyed peas baby and the little soft decadent morsels were seriously de-lish!  These sweet nuggets of goodness were dairy, egg, flour, sugar and oil-free and will surely make it in my cookbook ;-) I packed up my cookies and headed to Kellie's, watching the big game with great company and delicious food.  So fun.

Until work snuck its way into the picture and I had to leave early to assist a client on a time-crunch.  I tell myself its not a big deal; yet I continue to find my life run by other people and I wonder when I'll finally feel FREEDOM in my life to live it as I really desire?  How do I learn to balance my freedom and my personal time with the needs of clients and the constant sense of urgency and instantaneous MO that has become the norm in the real estate world?

I am wondering if any of you ever feel like your FREEDOM in life - whether it be financial, location or time - is reliant on someone or something else other than you?  And if any of you have advice or insights; I welcome them with open ears!!!  Also, where do you want to experience more FREEDOM in your life?

So much love to each of you as Day two comes to a close...

xxoo, Jamie