Day 16 of 31: Body Love Yoga Challenge {show up}

Show Up

not because you should not because you must but because of the magnitude of love because of the magnetic force of compassion

show up because you can because life has come knocking and you are there to answer now not when or then but in the immediate potency of the call

show up not because it is time or timely not because it is easy or tough smooth or rough not because it is reasonable or not but because this is what matters now no matter what next

show up because it feels right and real because it makes your heart sing or sob because it might ache or break if you did not because joy lives in the present in your presence just show up

~Minx Boren

I so didn't feel like showing up today.  And yet I did. I drove the 45 minutes this morning to meet my sister for yoga. I simply showed up.  And boy was I happy that I did.  It's amazing what can happen when we just show up.  Show up to all the experiences, all the emotions - just show up to everything whether it feels good or not-so-good.  I have learned that to be present in the darkness is just as important as showing up for the lightness.  Sometimes the dark is scary and we want to turn on the lights as quickly as possible, but it is often in the moments between dark and light that we learn the most and grow the most.

So as we move in to the last two weeks of our Body Love Yoga Challenge I commit to just showing up.

After all isn't that half the battle?

How are you each feeling?  Have you been able to show up the past two weeks?  Has something held you back from showing up completely?

How can I support you in showing up these last two weeks of our Body Love Yoga Challenge so you can feel empowered and inspired in your beautiful amazing body??

Let me know in the comments below - so much love to you all!!

xxoo, Jamie