Day 1 of 31: Body Love Yoga Challenge {Intention}

As I began to Love Myself

Good morning Yogini's!

Today is Day 1 of our 31-day Yoga Challenge.  WOOHOO!

How are you feeling?  Are you excited to embrace commitment and experience the rewards of dedication the next 31 days has in store?  I know I am!

I actually just finished my first class with my friend Kel.  Before class I was rushing around trying to finish this blog and get to Kellie's in time to pick her up (I am continually running late in life...) On our way to yoga I was telling her ironic it is that I'm rushing and stressing just to get to a space where I can be still and peaceful.  Of course it didn't surprise me then, when at the end of class, the instructor mentioned how she so often sees people flying in at the last minute all frazzled and then remaining that way thru the class.  She said something which I loved and it was to the effect: "Be present to the moment, notice the joys in your life and relish in them."

Ahh yes, this truth rings loud and clear for me.  This past year, this time I've spent in Seattle, has felt like one big whirlwind with me constantly flying from here to there, not having a solid home to come to or a solid career path.  And yet I know there is something to this - something in all of this - to teach me, and remind me, to FIND MY FEET and BE PRESENT in life, right here and right now.  And then of course I know that I am truly the only one with the ability to change my life, my circumstances and my experiences.  One of the best ways I believe we find this is when we LIVE WITH INTENTION.  See so much of my life I have felt like a sail in the wind just floating wherever the breeze would take me.  And although there is something to be said for making an intention and then detaching from it and allow life to simply unfold, I still believe that when we live with INTENTION, we live a life aligned with our values and one of inspired action.

So in light of this as we move into the first day of our sweet challenge I felt it was really important to have an intention in mind for the next month as we travel on this journey together.

My INTENTION is to be present, honor my truth and find peace + love in every moment, knowing all is perfect just the way it is.

So I would love to know what it is you want to call more of into your life?  Is it acceptance or love of a specific part of you?  Or maybe it is recognizing your power and your worthiness to create and live the life you really desire?  Is there something in your life that you need to let go of?  Maybe it’s acknowledging and releasing a habit, situation or relationship that you know does not serve you.  Whatever it may be for you, take a few minutes to do and really set an intention for this commitment you are about to embark on.

I did record {I know you can't wait to hear ;)} a visualization meditation, but alas am figuring up how I can upload audio to my blog so in the meantime, here is a really simple and short 3 minute visualization meditation.  Use this to visual where it is you want to be in 31 days; how will you have transformed?  Healed?  What your days feel like?  Take a few minutes to really get clear on what it is you want to bring in and let go over the course of the next 31 days and let me know below what came up and what your intention is for our time together?

Also at the bottom is my Yoga Schedule for this week for anyone in Seattle who would like to join and for anyone reading this that wants to know what the heck this 31 day Body Love Yoga Challenge is all about - click here!  XXOO

Much love and light as we all embrace letting go and just enjoying the ride :) Jamie


Saturday, 8am Power Hot Yoga, Lakeview Yoga in Bothell

Sunday, 8am Hot Power Yoga, I Love Hot Yoga in Greenlake

Monday, 6pm Moderate Flow Yoga, Phinney Ridge Yoga

Tuesday, 12n Bikram Yoga, Meserve Studios in West Seattle (taught by my amazing friend Audrey Benton!)

Wednesday, 4:30pm Yoga at la casa de mi amiga Kellie Moore :)

Thursday, 12n Bikram Yoga, Fusion Hot Yoga in Bothell

Friday, 9am Kundalin Yoga, Wahe Guru Yoga in Greenwood