Dairy-free Basil Lime Pesto {raw + vegan too!}

I love this pesto. I taught my students last night how to make it and they loved it too.  It doesn't contain any preservatives, refined oils or cheese either ... this one is a sauce to have in the repetoire as it is sure to impress and satisfy the taste buds of even the pickiest eater :)

Remember the key with any raw vegan sauce is to start light on the seasonings and then adjust accordingly to your taste.  The recipe below is a baseline, but then you can always add additional garlic, salt and lime as desired.  Let loose and enjoy creating in the kitchen!!!

Basil Lime Pesto (vegan)

INGREDIENTS 3 cups basil, large stems removed 1 bunch parsley 3/4 c. raw walnuts ½ c. olive oil ½ t. salt ¼ cup fresh-squeezed lime juice (NOT FROM CONCENTRATE!) 1-2 T. coconut aminos*

METHOD Combine all ingredients in a food processor or vita mix until desired consistency is achieved. You may need to add more or less salt depending on taste.

*Although I do not recommend this as the flavor will change the coconut aminos can be substituted with Nama Shoyu, a raw soy sauce or Tamari, a wheat-free soy sauce if your local market does not carry.  All are available at Whole Foods if there is a location near you. If you do use soy sauce, omit salt.


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