~Body Love is Possible~

This. Is. Me. No photoshop. No trying to get a 'good' angle. No worrying if my cellulite showed or curves stuck out in the 'wrong' places. Nope, just me. Captured unknowingly in a still moment of reflection and serenity as I felt the divine caress of the ocean's waters. Remembering more and more the preciousness of the human body and how beautiful each of us are in our own unique expression.  For as long as I can remember I hated myself in a swimsuit.  There's a shocker.  I, like most women in our culture, realized from a  young age that it was normal - almost expected - for women, irregardless of size,  to dread wearing a swimsuit.  It's really quite sad and I am so committed to letting go of this paradigm for myself so future generations of women can live free from body shame.  I know what it's like to spend years hating what you see in the mirror, of always wishing the image was something different, of thinking 'if only this were smaller/tighter/smoother etc' then I would finally feel good.

Life doesn't work that way. Feeling good on the outside starts with the inside and what's amazing is when we change what's going on within, the exterior naturally reflects that. My body may not be the waif model figure I always strived for, but what I've come to realize is this - as I let go of the need to control and constantly berate my body my body in turn was given permission to mold herself into this beautiful expression of life that I never knew was possible, but she sure as heck did.

It's not always a walk in the park, but everyday I re-commit to loving and honoring my body exactly where she is at. I have lived far too many years condemning this precious bod and trying to starve and berate her in to my idea of perfection which, quite honestly, was nonexistence. Today I choose another way. Today I choose to love her, to support her, to nourish her and to honor her. Today I am at peace in my body.  I want to shout this from the rooftops because I know what's it's like to spend 20+ years a prisoner in your skin. The solitude is deafening and it keeps us from sharing our light and gifts with the world.  May every woman know what it is like to feel at home in their skin without needing to change a thing.

Such beauty in that.

xx, jamie

Body LoveJamie Wagener