Your Soul is speaking ... are you listening?

I was invited by Chloe Rain with Explore Deeply to participate in 5 days of "What CREATIVITY means to Me" and I shared this journal entry I wrote back in 2009 for Day 1.  I was 26 and it was the first of several personal crises/transformations I would encounter over the next 6 years.  It was nothing profound nor anything new, but for the start of this challenge I wanted to honor the simple yet timeless wisdom that rests inside all of us and also the imperative role writing has had in my journey toward self-love, healing and transformation. We each carry a message in our heart that waits patiently for a moment in time to quietly - or loudly - share, if only we choose to do so.  So often we instead choose to silence that voice and ignore the gentle {or not so gentle} tugs leading to a life of depression, addiction, regret or discontent.  It's so vital to our well-being that we share our heart and our message openly.

Whether it be in a journal, to a friend, on social media or my blog I rediscovered ME through writing and getting out on to paper the words that pulse through my blood, my bones.  We are all creatives and we are all writers.  The end product may vary and that...that is such a beautiful thing.  My wish is for more and more of us to honor the wise {wo}man within and the never ending well of creative possibility that is you, that is me, that is all of us.


The truth is what we choose to believe and question for ourselves today is in fact what lays the foundation for our future.  Back then just a few years out of college I felt stuck on this hamster wheel of home-work-home-weekend-repeat. The excruciating pain I felt as my soul was stifled and stuffed into some cultural box of expectations of what work and life was supposed to be was nearly unbearable. Over the years in fact it did become so unbearable that I nearly lost my marbles, and my life, which is precisely what snapped me awake.

It wasn't until around thirty that I decided it was time for me to live for me. For my heart, my soul, my truth.  Not anyone else's.  It's not to say I don't consider others, of course I do. What I've learned though is when we are true to ourselves we are naturally filled with inspiration and are able to truly be present to the people in our lives. When we are present with another we offer them God’s greatest gift - the divine light through the reflection of each other.

It's not always an easy, peaceful or blissful ride. In fact I probably feel more now than I ever have in my life, but what I've learned firsthand is our capacity to experience pure bliss and happiness from within is only as deep as the heartache and despair we are also willing to feel. Back when I wrote this I didn’t consider myself creative…Today I see that simply BEing human means we are in fact creative. There is not a day that goes by that we aren’t creating something, in someway.  Today I  honor all pieces of me, all phases of my life, all the mistakes, trials, tribulations and also all the gifts, adventures and love I have experienced...and ultimately co-created...these past {nearly} 33 years.

So what does creativity mean to you??  Share your thoughts below; we learn SO much when others speak up.  Please share your voice <3

In gratitude & love,