31 day Body Love Yoga Challenge

Yeah!!!!!  I'm so excited about writing this that I had to start with a big wild Ye-Ah!!!!! So as I was meditating this morning {yes, me meditating!} it dawned on me that my body was craving {I mean majorly craving} some love.  And not love from a man {although that would be nice.  just sayin'.} or love from my favorite food, but love from ME.  Love within me and part of me.  Since I know one of my biggest lessons in life is to BE PRESENT and LOVE MY BODY just the way it is, right here and right now I have decided to embark on a little yoga challenge.

Why yoga you ask?  Well because frankly I want to do more of it.  Whenever I've gotten in to a good yoga routine I, not surprisingly, feel pretty flipping great.  And second because for me yoga causes me to stop, slow down, find my feet {thank you for this incredibly simple yet POWERFUL mantra Kimberly Johnson + RLI} and...BE PRESENT and LOVE MY BODY for all of the amazingness that it is.

Plus I always hear about these 30day challenges and I have to say a)I've never done one and b)I really admire the discipline, commitment and dedication it takes and frankly I never thought I had any of those traits in me.

SO!  I would absolutely LOVE if anyone is called to join me - we can be the Body Lovers Yoganistas!  It starts February 1st and ends on March 3rd - which is appropriately my 31st BIRTHDAY {I know sneaky sneaky}.  Will you join me??!!

Throughout the challenge I will post daily on my journey on whatever comes up, whether it is about my body struggles, my food issues or just life in general and will offer tips, insights and inspiration on creating a loving partnership with our bodies.  I am committing right here, RIGHT NOW, to blogging every day and sharing my 31 day journey centered on falling in love with my body.  See to give you a little background {if you can't already tell} I haven't had a very good relationship with my body. In fact I've been at downright war with my body since I can remember.  {You can see a VERY RAW video clip of it here from December, but know it was my first ever experience with video blogging, is totally unedited and quite simply just the start of me sharing my story} I will share more of my story in a later post, but essentially I wholeheartedly believe my emotional and mental energy that has been consumed by body hatred + food obsessing the greater part of 15+ years has truly kept me from creating {and living} the life I really want.  I know far too many women, like myself, who wish we were something else, constantly at war with our bodies.

This challenge is for anyone who wants to find peace {and LOVE} in their bodies and who wants to tap into one of their biggest sources of POWER and become partners with their bodies so that they can finally create the life they've imagined.


Can't wait to share this journey and see who else comes along for the ride.  I'm going to open up my blog for comments throughout the 31 DAYS so each of you can share your journey as well.

So much love + light to you and - and your body. xxoo