28 Days to Transformation: Aligning Mind, Body & Soul


~True Change Requires the Merging of Mind, Body & Soul~


Are you ready to love the body you’re in?


Are you tired of feeling …. well, tired?


Is there an undercurrent of dissatisfaction around your body or perhaps even just your life in general?


Do you have extra weight that you just cannot seem to shake?


Do you feel like food has become a complicating confusing and somewhat fearful part of your life?

Have you tried many diets or perhaps you spend your days counting calories and restricting for fear of gaining weight?


Do you feel like only if you {lost a few pounds, toned up a bit, changed this or changed that} you would finally feel the happiness and peace you know is yours for the experiencing?

So many of us spend countless hours and dollars trying to change our bodies.  Often times without lasting effects.  I know what it's like to have food and body thoughts rule your life.  It doesn't have to be that way!!  It is possible to feel good in your skin and it is a beautiful and magical thing when we love the bodies we are in - we experience freedom to truly live our lives in a way we have always dreamed of.
Our physical bodies are a reflection of our interiors and this program is for anyone ready to dive deep and let go of what is keeping you from living the life you desire in a body you love.


Dates: February 22-March 22
Structure: 4 Modules over 4 weeks

Program Includes:

~1 online group content call each week~ ~1 individual coaching/energy healing session each week*~ ~1 Culinary video with cooking instruction, nutrition information and recipes**~ ~Meal Plan w/ cleansing recommendations and techniques**~ ~Optional food add-on for local participants~

Cost: $95/week {$380 total}

2-for-1 Special!  Sign up by February 19th and gift a friend/lover/co-worker the program completely FREE.  

Let go of diet dogmas and embrace who you really are thru letting go, being present, embodiment and wildly delicious food for body, mind + soul. Break free from the cycle and create the life you really want.


*includes nutrition, energy healing, oracle cards, astrology and is offered via Skype or in-person for local participants.

**these components are offered in weeks 2-4.