Coming full circle - enjoying food, and loving my body for real

It is said that we share the medicine we most need, or better yet we teach that which we most long to learn.  It’s clear to me now, that this is my truth.  I started The Blissful Kitchen because I loved food, but ironically I also despised it.  It was as if, food was my enemy that I needed to befriend at all times, to ensure it didn’t turn around and bite me.

Sometime in my awkward tween years, I began to fear food.  I learned I couldn’t control much, and after some tough times being teased for my looks, I was certain the only thing that could ever make me pretty would be if I could get my body like all the magazines showed me.  At the time, of course, I didn’t realize this was the story playing out in my head.  Back then I just longed to feel good in my skin - like I was enough JUST the way I was.  So many young girls grow up thinking they need to change something about themselves in order to be loved and accepted.  I can chronicle my life based on the size of my jeans.  During my twenties I would fluctuate from a size 0 to a size 10.  The smaller I was the better I felt.  Even if this meant fainting spells, whacky hormones and compulsively obsessing over my food.  It was as if I wanted to disappear. 

Whatever it was, starting The Blissful Kitchen was like eating with the enemy.  I got certified in raw foods, became a holistic health coach and even began studies to become a naturopathic doctor.  I desperately wanted to feel good in my skin so I searched high and low for the magic potion.  Funny thing, I discovered there is no magic potion. 

There’s no quick fix, or easy answer. 

It wasn’t one thing, but a collection of tools, teachings and life lessons that got me to a place where I am |finally| able to enjoy my body and genuinely appreciate food for what it is – fuel to feed my beautiful, messy life.  

What I learned is, feeling good in our skin, is an inside job. 

One where we have to get curious about what our body, and eating habits, are trying to show us, and then be willing to find compassion for ourselves.  Once we are able to find the peace, love and validation in our hearts (instead of out there) then our picture perfect body can follow.  This is what I share with my clients - sustainable weight loss and long term health always come from a place of grace and trust, and never out of force and control which is so often the case with diet and for thought :)))

xx, Jamie

Jamie Wagener