Transformation Occurs in Time of Challenge

Are you ready for a challenge?  Body Bewitched Are you ready for some body self-loving?

Are you ready to feel inspired and beautiful in your skin, just the way you are??


The 31-day Body Love Yoga Challenge is just 3 days away and starts February 1st; woohoo!!!  For all that have committed to joining me please click to the right to follow my blog so you can receive your daily tidbits of inspiration, motivation, love notes and more ;)

And for anyone who hasn't 'signed up' yet and wants to know what the heck a 31-day Body Love Yoga Challenge entails here's the fine print:

**Commit to practicing yoga daily for 31 days straight from Feb 1-March 3rd.  You are free to practice at any of your favorite studios or even at home. The goal is just to commit to a daily practice. Along the way I will share my journey {i.e. triumphs, struggles and revelations}, as well as guide everyone thru self-love rituals, meditation ideas and some sweet surprises along the way.**

Know that this Challenge is not just for women or for people living in Seattle-this is for anyone, anywhere looking for inspiration to feel at ease and in, empowering partnership, with their body! I'm going to mix my 31 days up with various yoga classes and studios and you can do the same or you can do it in the comfort of your own home watching YouTube-it's just about taking action and doing it!! I recommend creating your yoga schedule one week at a time so you have a plan and it is in your calendar {I will be posting my schedule tomorrow for the first week so anyone in Seattle is welcome to join me!}

In the meantime you only need to take TWO ACTIONS today to prepare for your 31 days of body love and transformation:

1. Start thinking about an intention you would like to set for the next month as we travel on this journey together.  What do you want to call more of into your life?  Is it acceptance or love of a specific part of you?  Or maybe it is recognizing your power and your worthiness to create and live the life you really desire?  Is there something in your life that you need to let go of?  Maybe it's acknowledging and releasing a habit, situation or relationship that you know does not serve you.  Whatever it may be for you, take the next two days to really set an intention for this commitment you are about to embark on.

My INTENTION for our 31 days is to honor my truth, find peace and love in every moment, knowing all is perfect just the way it is.

2. And lastly, If you haven't already done so, make sure to sign up to follow my blog on the right of your screen so you can join a community that is taking INSPIRED ACTION together to move their body for 31 days straight.  Together we will create ease, self-awareness and empowerment and along the way receive tips for self-love rituals, meditation ideas and some sweet surprises too ;)

Can't wait to begin this journey with each of you!!!!

Much love + light,