Our mission is pretty simple:

to educate, inspire and empower people to create their healthiest + happiest lives.  

The Business

The Blissful Kitchen began in 2011 out of a love for creating delicious cookies and cakes that were surprisingly free of all common allergens.   Over the years it has evolved, and today we believe everyone can - and deserves to - lead a vibrant, happy life with food being one of the most important tools to achieve this. 

From health coaching and retreats to cleansing and cooking classes, it is our mission at The Blissful Kitchen to educate and inspire people through food.  We founded the company on the premise that food is not only a source of nourishment, but also an expression of love.   For eons, people have been coming together around dinner tables, and sharing food, to celebrate life, and good company.  Our intention is to rekindle this lost tradition and reconnect people with the joy of food so they can live their best lives, in a body they love.


when we feed our bodies - and nourish our minds - with nutrient-rich food we feel good.

And, it is when we feel good that we can create a life of bliss.


The Soul behind the Business

The Blissful Kitchen was created by Jamie Wagener, a food creator and truth seeker with credentials as a plant-based chef and holistic health coach.  


I always knew I had a thing for food.  My life memories seem to be defined by what I was eating, wish I was eating or what I was making in the kitchen.  As a little girl I loved to bake and create culinary concoctions from boston cream pie and no-bake oaties to customizing my chicken salad sandwiches with a little this (goldfish crackers) and a little that (hold the mayo, insert hummus please).  When I first started off in the kitchen I remember dragging the little wooden stool over to the oven, so I could reach the cookbooks so (in)conveniently stored in the cabinet high above.  I usually pulled down the old blue or red cookbook that honestly looked more like Webster dictionaries at first glance, but I remember believing they were from my Grandma and that the antiquity of them must’ve held something special (plus my trusted boston cream pie recipe).  

Somewhere though along the way, I came to fear my beloved food and the power it could have over my body.  I learned early on that if I wanted my body to match the figureless women I saw on the magazine covers that food could no longer be my friend.  It became the enemy.  For 15 years I struggled with food, and was constantly at war with my body. 

In 2009 this all began to change when I discovered a little book called The Kind Diet, by actress Alicia Silverstone.  The simple desire to live a healthier life instantly resonated with me, and two weeks before Thanksgiving, I adopted a vegan lifestyle.  I didn’t know it then, but this would ultimately be the catalyst for creating The Blissful Kitchen and rediscovering my love for food.  

When I removed all animal foods from my diet, pretty much overnight, and in a somewhat rural Wisconsin town, the only thing I could do was bring back those early days of making a mess in the kitchen.  I started exploring with vegetables and foods I had never heard of before, and discovered my passion for wholesome, of-the-earth food.   I immersed myself in the fields of holistic health and integrative nutrition taking several courses in raw foods, physical science, naturopathy, nutrition and psychology.  As the years went on, a thread was woven and I realized how our food choices directly influence our ability to find, live and follow our bliss. 

The truth is, our outside simply mirrors our inside. 

When we clear up the junk in our mind, heart, and soul – our body follows. 

The healthiest body does not come from rigid rules and dogmatic, or restrictive dieting – it comes when we live our lives from a place of softness, love and joy.   When we shower ourselves with love and compassion, then we create a healthy and sustainable relationship with food and our bodies.   Today, I choose to nourish my body with 'healthy' foods not because I am trying to change something, but because I absolutely love my skin and know that my health allows me to experience this gift of life.  My wish for all beings everywhere is that they live the life of their dreams, in a body they love.